David P. J. Ross Magna Carta Vault

Magna Carta Magna Carta Vault - Exterior Magna Carta Vault undergoing excavation Lace Chapes Magna Carta Vault - pouring concrete

The building which displays Lincoln Cathedral’s Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest opened at Lincoln Castle in April 2015.The architect-designed subterranean vault provides a permanent and dedicated exhibition space for Magna Carta which reflects its UNESCO-designated status as a Memory of the World document.

Read more about the  the David P. J. Ross Magna Carta Vault.

The development of the site included a major archaeological excavation to a depth of 4 metres, taking nine months to complete. The dig uncovered the Victorian and Georgian drainage systems for the prison buildings, and the remains of a medieval stable block. The find of a large fragment of millstone is thought to relate to a documented horse mill in the castle. Further still the excavation worked through the Anglo Scandinavian layers which predate the building of the castle. Channel 4’s Time Team came along to accompany the archaeologists with this dig, and filmed a special documentary programme.

Robert Woodhead Ltd who undertook the work on the Lincoln Castle Revealed project, also created the Heritage Skills Centre, the first new building in the castle grounds for 150 years. Read more about the Heritage Skills Centre.


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