newsletterWelcome to the Historic Lincoln newsletter from the Historic Lincoln Partnership (HLP)

Historic Lincoln with its many ancient buildings was seen as badly in need of investment. The Historic Lincoln Partnership was formed in 2004, its setting up has been key in providing that strategic vision and engagement of stakeholders.

During 2007 HLP had agreed that the Castle should be its focus and work began on a variety of studies including the best place to site Magna Carta. The first HLP Workshop in February 2008 was a turning point, the speaker was archaeologist Dr Jonathan Clarke, the premise of his talk was that the 1217 Battle of Lincoln Fair was “as important as the Battle of Hastings in 1066 or the Battle of Britain in 1940, but who remembers it now?” This made us realise that the years 1215–17 were our focus. Yes, the sealing of Magna Carta and its arrival in Lincoln were important, but it sat within a story that centred on Lincoln.

The quarterly newsletter from the HLP aims to keep residents and visitors up to date with all the latest developments going on within Historic Lincoln. We think these are exciting times for Lincoln’s historic core and would like to keep you involved.

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